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Updated: 9/14/2020
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  • Many slaves were working in the mine. Although the slave were digging a lot of iron out of the earth, Salvius was not satisfied. Salvius to him and inspected them. One slave was sick. Salvius dragged the sick slave out of the rows and shouted, "A sick slave is useless. I do not want to keep sick slaves."
  • After he said this, Salvius handed the slave over to the executioners. The executioners instantly killed him.
  • This slave, however, had a son; his name was Alator. Alator wanted to avenge his father. Therefore, when the rest were sleeping, Alator took a dagger. After he slipped past the guards, he entered the bedroom. In the bedroom, Salvius was sleeping. Alator attacked and wounded our master.
  • Our master was terrified; he extended his hand to the slave and begged for mercy. However, the guards heard the sounds. They rushed into the bedroom and killed bold Alator. Then Salvius was enraged. He immediately woke up the host, Pompeius, and shouted angrily, "A slave has wounded me! It is a plot! All the slaves are accomplices. I demand the death penalty for all!"
  • Pompeius, after he heard this, was astonished. I can not kill all the slaves. One wounded you. Therefore one is guilty, the rest are innocent. Pompeius unwilling consented and handed over the guards to the executioners.
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