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Pat does art
Updated: 3/26/2020
Pat does art
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  • Pat finds out from her Heavenly Mother that she has to write a sermon.
  • Pat goes to her church to get inspiration and find that the people there don't have any ideas and they aren't interested in her.
  • Pat gets into the car with her children and says she needs to get an Uber to take her home to work on her sermon. Her children tell her she is already in a car and they will drive her home.
  • Pat goes home and wonders why she has a cat and can't figure out what to write.
  • Pat meets with her friends. Her black friend says this is bullshit and has decided not write a sermon. Pat's white friend has her sermon finished.
  • Pat walks home to think about her sermon. The streets are empty. Where did this cat come from?
  • Pat looks at the sky for comfort. It doesn't help.
  • Pat knows that if she walks through this house she can get home sooner. She thinks it will be a good shortcut. Would that be safe?
  • Inside the house are doors that lead to more doors.
  • Out of the house, Pat finds a group of boys who are selling electricity that turns cats into dogs. Pat wants a dog and wants to see the trick.
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  • Pat likes her dog.
  • Pat stays home with her dog and does art. She knows this is a weird story, but she doesn't care. It got her a dog, and a happy feeling about art.

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