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Updated: 10/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Boston Tea Party 1773
  • Boston Massacre 1770
  • Oh, no!
  • How dare you!
  • Battle of Bunker Hill 1775
  • The Boston Tea Party was to repeal the tea act. The The Sons of Liberty dressed up as Indians, then boarded a ship filled with 342 boxes of tea. They dumped all the tea into the Boston Harbor. The Sons of Liberty didn't touch anything else, they just dumped the tea. Only one person was caught in the act.
  • Delaware River 1776
  • The colonists got angry at the British. Five people got killed in the act. Chrispher Attucks was the first one to get killed. He was a sailor.
  • Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776
  • This battle was actually fought on Breeds hill. No one know who fired the first shot, but they do know that the British Army won this battle.
  • French & Indian War 1754-1763
  • The journey across the Delaware was long and hard. George lost some of his men. Now he has to lead his soldiers to Trenton were he lost more men. It's a miracle George and his men survived the freezing cold.
  • The signing of the Declaration of Independence happened on July 4, 1776. Now we celebrate this signing with fireworks, parties, and more!
  • The British won this battle, but it cost them a lot of money. They started taxing colonist, which led to the Revolutionary War.
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