Reading novels can seem daunting to students; details about characters, settings, and key events can get lost in students’ brains between the first page and the last.

Storyboard That to the rescue! By creating a book summary with our traditional storyboard layout (shown below), students can easily remember important things from the story and use it to study for an exam or prepare for a project! This is especially helpful with denser novels, but it also allows students to get creative in how they visually represent the events of each chapter.

The example below can be found in our lesson plan for Silas Marner by George Eliot.

Students can fill in one cell every time they finish a chapter. Alternatively, they can wait until the end of the novel and create the entire storyboard at once! This would challenge students to remember key details from each chapter all at once, while filling it in as they read would challenge them to be succinct in summarizing each chapter.

Whichever method you choose, your students will love having a big storyboard to review when it comes time for quizzes, tests, and projects!

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