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When Would You Like to Meet?

Creating posters just got easy! Find poster templates that you can customize for any project or storyboard lesson!

Choose from the categories below to see the template libraries. You can also see all education poster templates to find one you like. Happy storyboarding!

Featured Poster Templates

Classroom Decorations
Classroom Decorations
Classroom Rules
Classroom Rules Poster Templates
Flow Charts
Flow Chart Infographic Templates | Flowcharts
How To
How To Infographic Templates
List Infographic Templates | Classroom Decorations
Speech Therapy Posters
Completed Example Poster for Speech Therapy

Using Posters to Support Education

There's so much you can do with these incredible templates! Make eye-catching posters to hang in your school, or have students complete their own posters for presentations or research projects.

How to Make a Poster

Here's how to create posters in the Storyboard Creator!

  1. Start with one of our free poster templates. Or, start from scratch and create your own!
  2. Choose backgrounds, patterns, or colors
  3. Find characters, items, or text boxes that fit what you're creating.
  4. Click the "Save and Exit" button when you're done.
  5. Print your poster!

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