What is Storyboard That?

Storyboard That is fantastic tool to help create visuals and communicate ideas in the classroom. Create posters, infographics, graphic organizers, and yes, storyboards for any subject!

Share Storyboard That With Your School

Share the main functionalities and ways to use Storyboard That in the classroom with one document! Complete with activity suggestions and links to all of our resources, this Google Slides presentation answers "What is Storyboard That and how can my teachers/colleagues use it?"

We created some resources you can use in your professional development training sessions! Get step-by-step instructions of the most important functions of Storyboard That! You can select the modules you want to view in order to tailor your sessions to your school!

Module 1 - Login and Setup

In the first training section, we will show you how to log in and how to set up your students into classes.

Choose the module below that reflects your sign-in method.

Import From Google Classroom

Select this option if you want to import your class roster from Google Classroom

Google Single-Sign On

Select this option if you want to sign in with Google, but do not use Google Classroom

User Names and Passwords

Select this option if you manually type in a user name or email address.

Sync with ClassLink

Select this option to use ClassLink Sync. You must have administration privileges in ClassLink

Sync with Clever

Select this option to use Clever Sync. You must have administration privileges in Clever

Clever Library

Select this option if you want to use Clever, but your school/district is not set up with Storyboard That

Microsoft Single Sign-On

Select this option if you want to sign in with Microsoft

Module 2 - Core Functionality

This module will cover the basics of creating a storyboard, making an assignment for students, and viewing completed work.

View Core Functionality

Module 3 - Create a Worksheet

The worksheet module goes through the process of making a basic vocabulary worksheet with generic text. You will learn more advanced Storyboard Creator functions such as crop, align, and distribute.

View Create a Worksheet

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