Sequences, Summaries, and Stories

By Anna Warfield

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We have some great sequencing activity ideas, as well as ways to use sequence skills for summarizing and story writing!

We put stuff in order all the time. Chronological order, numerical order, alphabetical order. We use order of steps for driving directions, recipes, processes and routines. Sometimes performing a task using the correct order of steps is crucial to success. Sequencing aids us in carrying out tasks, but also in organization of information.

Understanding the order and sequence of events helps for process, helps for understanding cause and effect, story structure, identifying patterns, and also learning the development of events that lead up to other events. We need to be able to retell stories and extract the main ideas into a summary.

Sequencing Activities

Timelines for historical events are extremely helpful and shows a variety of factors: causal events, effects of major events, progression or evolution of a topic. You can read more about timelines in our Timeline layout article or in the helpful hints about Storyboard That as a Timeline Maker. Timelines are usually used for history or biographies, but don’t let that common use limit your creativity!

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Summarizing Activities

A large part of English Language Arts is understanding the plot arc of a story. Sometimes students get bogged down with subplots or details and have a hard time writing a concise summary or can't process all the information.

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Story Writing Activities

The order of events is crucial for planning a story. Make a storyboard to plan out a larger narrative, or create your own short story in the style of a comic. You can create visual stories for all kinds of things:

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