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You have made a great resource and you want to post it on Teachers Pay Teachers, but how do you get the files?

Look for the buttons below your storyboard and click the one that says "Download Images / PowerPoint".

Download storyboard as an Image

Which option works for you? Let's take a look at each one!

Download and Export Options

Download PDF Icon PDF File

Select PDF for products you expect to be printed, such as worksheets or posters, either on a standard printer or at a professional printing service. Full storyboards can also be exported as a .pdf file.

Hamburger Graphic Organizer

Download High-Res Icon High Resolution Image

Choose this option for a high resolution .png file of the entire storyboard. The high-res export works well for posters and storyboards.

Handout Example

Download Image Pack Icon Image Pack

The image pack is the best option for thumbnails, banners, and product cover images. Each file will download as a .png.

Image Pack Example

Download PPT Icon PowerPoint

Convert your storyboard into a slideshow presentation. After downloading the .ppt file, open and customize as needed.

Download as PowerPoint Example

Also works with Keynote and Google Slides

Download Animated GIF Icon Animated Gif

Download an animated gif of the cells of your storyboard. Use for banners or thumbnail previews.

TpT Store Banner Example

Download Social Media Icon Social Media

This particular export option is not recommended for uploading to TpT, but is great for Twitter or Instagram posts!

Print Icon Print

Don't forget that you can print to PDF! There are several options available for direct printing, or if your printer allows, saving as a PDF file!

How to Print on Storyboard That

How to Print on Storyboard That

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