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Customizing your Teachers Pay Teachers store is easy! Find everything you need to make images that will draw people to your products and TpT store!

There are several different places on your TpT store where you can add amazing images! Take a look at the storyboard we made of a hypothetical store on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Images on Your TpT Store Page

  1. Profile

  2. Quote Box

  3. Top Banner

  4. Product Cover

  5. Side Column Banner

Profile Picture

Create the perfect image that captures your brand for the profile picture! While the image dimensions are quite flexible for the profile picture, 600 x 600 px is good to shoot for.

Profile Picture Example

Profile Image Example

Profile Picture Template

Quote Box

When editing your store profile, you have the option of putting in text or an image into the quote area next to your profile picture. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, why not choose a custom image?! We recommend using 450 x 150 px as the dimensions to optimize space.

Top Store Banner

There are two different store banners that you can add to your store to personalize it. Upload banners under "Customize" in the Marketing tab of your TPT Dashboard. This store banner is located above your featured items and the dimensions are 718 x 90 px. Make either a single cell image, or create a GIF. To make the banner into a GIF, use multiple cells in the storyboard. Each cell is a frame in the GIF, so if you want it to move a little slower, repeat images.

Top Store Banner Example

Make a TPT Store Banner

Top Store Banner Templates

Main Cover Image for Product

Bright, clear, and fun main cover images draw the eye much better than a worksheet thumbnail. These images are the first impression of your products. 600 x 600 px work well!

Product Cover Image Example

Make TPT Cover Image

Product Cover Image Templates

Side Column Banner

Your column banner is found on the left hand side of your store, beneath all the ways people can filter through your products. The column banner dimensions are 160 x 200px.

Side Column Banner Example

Make a TPT Column Banner

Side Column Banner Template

Preview Thumbnails

Preview thumbnails are only visible on the product page and not on your main store page. They let people check out what's in the packet before buying. A watermark is available in the Storyboard Creator for you to add to any image. Search for "watermark".

It's easy to make your Teachers Pay Teachers store eye-catching and enhance your already awesome worksheets. What are you waiting for?

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Create Something Awesome

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