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There is no denying that you can make some pretty amazing things with Storyboard That. Sometimes, people forget that they can use the wonderful compositions they make with other applications! While the website is pretty darn amazing, look at what you can do with digital storytelling!

Let’s take a brief look at the export options you have for your public storyboards! When viewing your storyboard, you will see several buttons below the storyboard. These buttons allow you to go back and edit your storyboard, view as a slide show live in the browser, or export your storyboard in different ways.

Export Toolbar

Copy Storyboard

This button will make a copy of the storyboard and bring you directly to the Storyboard Creator to make whatever changes you need. Copying a storyboard is particularly useful if you want to use some, but not all of the information or imagery in a new storyboard. This is like the "Save As" options in many programs. Another helpful use for the copy storyboard button is to take one of the activities from the lesson plans, and then revise for your own purposes. Maybe on a character map you aren’t interested in their physical traits, and want to change that text to “goals”. Or you want to give students a plot diagram with no words and just pictures to remind them of the story. Copying a storyboard is a very easy way to modify for different learners without sacrificing your work!

Don’t forget that teachers with teacher accounts can make storyboard templates, too!


There are many print options available. If you haven’t tried to print before, you probably haven’t seen what we can do! There are several print layout options available to make things easy on you and your students, including lined paper options. Remember, you don’t actually have to PRINT right away, you can save your storyboard or storyboard cells into a PDF for later printing. For assistance with the print process, take a look at How to Print.

Download Images / PowerPoint

Combine digital storytelling with storyboard genius! You have the most flexibility with the various download options. This button allows you to export your storyboard or separate cells to a .png, pdf, or .ppt format. In the pop-up window, more information is provided to help you choose what is right for you:

Storyboard Download and Export Options

Word Processor

Are your students writing a research paper on volcanoes? Creating brochures? Making menus? Doing something with a word processor? Add in some Storyboard That images! With text wrapping in word processors, it is easy to add images - either individual cells or full storyboards. After downloading your storyboard or storyboard cells (either Image Pack, High Res, or Social Media), you can treat them just like any image. Remember to follow appropriate attribution and citing procedures.

Storyboard Presentation

Turn your storyboard into a great presentation. The PowerPoint button downloads your storyboard cells onto different slides of a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation download is compatible with both Google Slides and Keynote. Plus, any image attributions from Photos for Class integration will appear on a slide at the end of your presentation.

The presentation will be on a default Storyboard That design layout, but you can change the design or theme as you like. The download automatically puts the storyboard cell on the left, the description text on the right, and the title box text in the title space of the slide. The title of the entire slide show will be the title of the storyboard. Of course, the file is editable, so make it your own! Learn more from the How to Present article.

Download as PowerPoint Example

Blog and More

There are plenty of bloggers out there who could use a bit of Storyboard That character (or characters)! We would love to help you make your blogs even more fun (and educational/instructional… but mostly more fun!) You can embed your storyboard onto your website very easily by slapping in the HTML snippet you get after clicking "Embed". Storyboard That does not share your beautiful creations with the world unless you want us to! So, in order for you to be able to embed your storyboard, you need to make the storyboard public first by clicking on "Storyboard Privacy". Check out our Copyright FAQ Section if you have use questions!

So, anywhere you would use an image, consider Storyboard That! Make charts, posters, cards, webpages, worksheets, game boards, and whatever else for your classroom. Flex those creative muscles with storyboarding!

How to Incorporate Storyboard Presentations in Cross-Curricular Projects


Identify Cross-Curricular Opportunities

Collaborate with other subject teachers to identify cross-curricular projects or topics where storyboard presentations can be effectively integrated. Consider subjects such as English language arts, history, science, mathematics, or social studies that can benefit from visual storytelling and presentation.


Introduce Storyboard Presentation Concepts

Introduce students to the concept of storyboard presentations and their role in conveying information, storytelling, or problem-solving. Explain how storyboard presentations combine visuals and narrative elements to engage and communicate ideas effectively.


Content Integration and Adaptation

Guide students in adapting storyboard presentation techniques to specific subject areas and project objectives. Help students identify key concepts or content that can be visualized and presented through storyboard format. Encourage students to think creatively and explore different ways of presenting information visually.


Storyboard Creation Process

Teach students the step-by-step process of creating storyboard presentations, including planning, organizing, sketching, and refining their ideas. Introduce students to storyboard software or tools that can assist in creating digital or physical storyboard layouts.


Collaborative Cross-Curricular Projects

Facilitate collaborative projects where students from different subjects work together to develop comprehensive storyboard presentations. Encourage students to contribute their subject-specific knowledge and skills to create a well-rounded and informative presentation.


Presentation and Reflection

Provide opportunities for students to showcase their storyboard presentations to a wider audience, such as classmates, teachers, or the school community. Allow time for students to present their projects, answer questions, and receive feedback on their storyboard presentations. Facilitate a reflective discussion where students can share their learning experiences, challenges faced, and insights gained through the cross-curricular project.

Frequently Asked Questions about Storyboard That with PPT and More

What are the benefits of using Storyboard That in my lessons?

Storyboard That can be a powerful tool for educators, as it provides a visual and interactive way for students to engage with content. With its extensive library of customizable characters, backgrounds, and props, Storyboard That allows teachers to create dynamic storyboards and worksheets that cater to the unique needs of their students. Additionally, Storyboard That can be used to enhance language skills, critical thinking, and creativity, making it a valuable resource for both students and educators.

How can I integrate Storyboard That into my lessons?

Storyboard That can be integrated into lessons across a range of subjects, from English and social studies to science and math. For example, educators can use Storyboard That to create visual timelines of historical events, explore complex scientific concepts, or illustrate literary themes and motifs. Additionally, Storyboard That can be used as a tool for collaborative learning, allowing students to work together on storyboards and presentations.

Is Storyboard That appropriate for all age groups?

Storyboard That is appropriate for a wide range of age groups, from elementary school students to adults. The platform's diverse library of characters and backgrounds can be tailored to suit different ages, interests, and learning levels. Additionally, Storyboard That offers a range of features and functionalities that can be customized to meet the needs of different age groups and learning objectives.
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