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Heimdall is the guardian of Asgard. He sits at the end of the Bifröst, a rainbow bridge, and waits with his horn to call out the approach of enemies. He is always pictured with his horn and a ram’s head helmet.

Heimdall Make Your Own

Heimdall was a son of Odin and Frigg. He is known as the gods’ watchman. He resided in the Sky Cliffs known as Himinbjörg, and sat at the end of a rainbow bridge called Bifröst which led to Asgard. His job was to blow his horn at the sound of any approaching enemies, and he could see and hear for miles away. He was also supposed to blow his horn to announce the beginning of Ragnarök. His horn was called the Gjallarhorn, which means “Resounding Horn”.

Heimdall came up with the brilliant plan to have Thor disguise himself as Freya and go through the marriage ceremony with the giant Thrym who had stolen his hammer. As soon as the hammer was placed in his lap during the ceremony, as per tradition, Thor picked it up and killed all of the giants.

Heimdall also rescued Freya’s beautiful golden necklace from Loki, who had stolen it, turned into a seal, and gone to the sea rocks to keep it safe. Heimdall also turned himself into a seal and struck Loki, taking him by surprise. He returned the necklace to Freya.

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Heimdall Quick Reference


Odin and Frigg

Domain / Power

Guardian of Asgard


  • horn
  • ram's head helmet
  • Bifröst

Notable Myths

  • The Himinbjörg
  • Theft of Thor’s Hammer
  • The Golden Necklace

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