Uranus is the god of the sky and the husband and son of Gaea, the mother of all creation. He was overthrown by his son, Cronos.

Uranus was the son of Gaea and Chaos, as well as the husband of Gaea. Together, they had several children including Cronos. However, Uranus was so horrified by the looks of the Cyclopes and the Hecatonchires that he imprisoned them in Gaea’s womb and then in Tartarus. Gaea convinced her son Cronos to overthrow Uranus so that she could free her other children. Cronos castrated and killed Uranus who used his dying breath to prophesy that Cronos would have a child who would rise up and overthrow him as well.

Cronos was so paranoid about this prophecy that he swallowed all of his children except for the youngest, Zeus, whom Rhea switched out for a rock in a swaddling blanket. She hid Zeus with a family on earth until he was old enough to return to Olympus and overthrow his father.

Uranus’ story does not really continue from there. In some versions of the myths, his manhood was tossed into the sea where it mixed with the seafoam and created the goddess Aphrodite.

Quick Reference


Gaea and Chaos

Domain / Power


Notable Myths

  • Marriage to Gaea
  • Overthrow by Cronos
  • Birth of Aphrodite

Symbol / Attributes

God of the Sky

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