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Hestia is the goddess of domestication and family. She is often represented by the hearth.

Hestia was the eldest daughter of Cronos and Rhea. She was chaste and dedicated to her duty, which was to tend to the Olympian hearth. Whenever an offering was made from Earth, Hestia was the first to receive it.

There are not many depictions of Hestia, and some folklore suggests that she willingly gave up her throne on Mount Olympus to Dionysus. When she is depicted, she is modestly dressed and draped in a veil or headscarf. Both Poseidon and Apollo sought her hand in marriage, but she refused and asked Zeus to allow her to remain chaste, which he granted.

While there were no temples in Greece dedicated to Hestia, she was sometimes granted the first part of any sacrifice offered to the gods. In addition, the hearths in homes and temples were often thought to be symbols to her. She was believed to be kind, but discreet, in her dealings with humans.

Hestia Quick Reference


Cronos and Rhea


  • Domestication
  • Family
  • Royal Hearth of Olympus


  • The Hearth
  • Sacred Fire

Notable Myths

  • Birth and overthrow of Cronos
  • Giving up her seat in Olympus for Dionysus
  • Eternal chastity

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