Homeschool with Storyboard That

Storyboard That offers parents, teachers, and students the ability to create incredible comics, graphic organizers, worksheets, and posters. It's uses don't just stop in a traditional classroom - storyboarding and digital storytelling can be used in all aspects of education, including homeschooling.

Where Does Storyboard That Fit in Homeschooling?

  • Full lesson plans can be used comprehensively or with select activities
  • Incorporate various storyboarding activities into your already existing curriculum
  • Develop computer literacy and typing skills through digital storytelling
  • Students can create and complete projects on their own time

Why is It Beneficial?

  • Easily create digital worksheets, posters, or printables (including copywork) for students to complete
  • Available content covers all grade levels and subjects, from kindergarten to grade 12
  • Pre-made, Common Core-aligned lesson plans can be tailored for each child's learning needs
  • Encourages creativity and self expression

What are My Subscription Options?

Storyboard That's Educational Edition is perfect for homeschooling parents or groups. The accounts come with one teacher/administrator account, and at the most basic level, up to 10 students (with several other options available for those with more to teach!). Home-school parents and teachers can create assignments, templates, and keep track of their student's work all from the convenience of their dashboard. Students can log into their own accounts whenever they'd like and complete projects or create their own stories!

Check out our homeschool resource page for additional ways to use Storyboard That!

Storyboard That is a vendor of Inspire Charter Schools, which provides funding for homeschooling families. Please reach out to us at for more information!

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