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Finding great resources to use with your kids can be hard. We've put together a list of some of our favorites that can help make homeschooling a breeze and give you some great ideas on how to use Storyboard That in your lessons! For all of our teacher resources, click here.

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Creating Worksheets For Your Kids with Storyboard That

by Jenny Silverstone

If you’re a parent, teacher, or homeschooler, Storyboard That, an online tool for making storyboards, comics, and other visual aids, might be just the educational tool you’re looking for. It has templates, text bubbles, and all the other items you’ll need to effectively communicate with the children in your life. It allows you to create beautiful and educational worksheets faster, and more effectively than ever before. Let’s find out how!

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Take Storyboard That Offline

One of the best features to take advantage of is our larger layouts, namely the handout and poster sizes. While these sizes give kids the ability to create posters, graphic organizers, and larger scale stories, they also come in handy for offline projects.

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All Poster Templates

Create a Poster

Creating posters just got easy. Find poster templates that can be customized for your needs and tons of awesome projects.

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Create a Worksheet

Find hundreds of worksheet templates to customize to your needs. Use them digitally or print them for students to complete with pen and paper!

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The Importance of Routine Charts for Kids

By Shari Kurtzman

You and your family (or classroom) could benefit from a routine chart! It’s an easy, interactive way to track your day, make transitions easier for everyone, and increase productivity. Routines are often thought of as chores – things that have to get done in the day such as grocery shopping, meal time, etc. But it doesn’t have to be something to dread! Routines can also be fun and help with those challenging times, like going to the post office or bed time.

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Science Discussion Storyboards

By Oliver Smith

A Discussion Storyboard is a storyboard that is designed to promote discussion in the classroom. Each storyboard is a situation or a question that is paired with a visual and different viewpoints on the situation. At the most basic level, they will show a problem with fictitious students giving their opinion on the problem. Normally at least one of the characters will give the scientifically accepted viewpoint, with the other characters giving misconceptions.

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The Writing Process

By Bridget Baudinet

Good writers are not born; they are made. Producing a quality piece of writing - whether it be a novel, a screenplay, a poem, or an editorial - takes time and effort. There are many different formulas for the writing process, but the basic steps involve prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Good writers who follow these steps can ensure a product to be proud of.

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Story Starters and Writing Prompts

By Anna Warfield

Storyboard That has come up with a variety of story starters to help people get thinking about narratives. Storytelling is a part of everyone’s daily life, and we want more people to feel confident in telling all of their stories...

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Introduction to Social Stories

By Sherry Pardy, Natasha Lupiani, and Anna Warfield

Four-year-old Sarah loved school and wanted so badly to ride the bus to kindergarten. That summer, in anticipation of school starting, she would excitedly ask about taking the bus to school. The first day of school arrived, as did the bus, right on time. Sarah froze with fear on her front steps, unprepared for the loud noise of the engine, the flashing lights, and how to engage the kids already on the bus.

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