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One of the best parts about using computers and tablets in school is the expansion of accessibility for students who need extra help. Between settings built into the device and applications that can be installed, the experience is easily tailored for individual students, allowing them to achieve their full potential in the classroom. Chrome Extensions are a perfect way to enhance their experiences on the web and help reduce frustration.

We've collected some extensions that will help not only the student's experience on Storyboard That, but also the rest of the web. They've all been tested, to ensure you're installing something that actually works and is compatible with our website. Each student will probably need something different, so the extensions aren't necessarily something that should be installed on everyone's browsers, but for the students who need it, they'll be life-changing.

Dalton for Google Chrome

Dalton for Google Chrome helps those who are colorblind and want to pick cohesive colors for their storyboard. The filter can be customized so their view is tailored each time they start to create a storyboard! Even if the student doesn't know what type of colorblindness they have, the extension makes it easy to fiddle with until it works for them. Once they've customized the filter, it carries over across sites, so there's no need to reset every time you leave the Storyboard Creator. It's weird to use if you're not colorblind, but here's what it might look like for a student who's using it:

Using Dalton with Storyboard That

Selection Reader to Text

Selection Reader to Text is a simple extenision in Chrome that lets students highlight text and have it read back to them. For students with a learning disability, this is great to use when reading assignment instructions, the rubric, and the text on the storyboard as they're working. It offers language choices, so it isn't just limited to English. All a student has to do is highlight the words they'd like dictated and press the little speaker button on the extension menu. They can also right click on the highlighted section and select the option to read it back.

Using Selection Reader on Storyboard That

OpenDyslexic Font for Chrome

OpenDyslexic Font for Chrome will change the font on any website to a dyslexic-friendly weighted font! Storyboard That already has the OpenDyslexic font as an option in our text editor, but now students can navigate their dashboard and supplemental reading with this extension in place. Enabling and disabling the font will refresh the page, but it's so fast, it's almost indiscernible. The extension will override all fonts, including the ones in the Storyboard Creator, which doesn't play nicely with the student's ability to change the font of any of the text on their storyboard. We recommend disabling the extension just before creating or editing a storyboard so that students can choose to have their storyboard font be in OpenDyslexic!

Using OpenDyslexic on Storyboard That

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We hope to keep expanding our list of awesome Chrome extensions! Please let us know if you or your school uses something to help enhance your experience with Storyboard That!

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