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Pinterest images are a taste of what your business has to offer, whether that's a product or service people can purchase or a blog post that they might want to read. A good image that shows a potential customer or new reader what to expect will encourage them to save the pin to their own collections, thus creating a wider network of people you can reach.

Pinterest's ideal image dimensions are 600 x 900 px. Taller images may be penalized, although adding variation to your image sizes within those dimensions can make your boards look more fun.

Pinterest Post Templates

Create Pinterest Images*

3 Tips for Creating the Perfect Pinterest Image

  1. Define Your Product

    If you sell a product or service, your images will look different than if you're getting people to read your latest blog post. Both of these types of posts are great to have on Pinterest, but it's important to make sure the type of image you create makes it clear whether you're publishing something to read or something to buy.

  2. Have a Clear Call to Action

    It's tempting to fill the entire image with information, but simple is best with Pinterest. Your image will be displayed alongside similar content, so it's important to make yours stand out. How can you do that? Tell your audience what it is they'll find when they click through to your website with a pithy title on the image that's large, clear, and easy to read.

  3. Keep It Consistent

    Once you find a layout formula or two that work well, keep using it! Change up images and colors to keep audiences from being bored of seeing the same thing every time, but make sure you're staying true to your brand.


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