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Storyboard That is a completely web-based platform for creation. Whether you are in the classroom or across the globe, you and your students can create storyboards with an internet connection! There are many resources available for teachers that cover a wide variety of subjects and grade levels, including special education. Use them for inspiration, or copy an assignment or storyboard to your account and customize it to fit what you and your students need.

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Hundreds of resources are available for teachers in all subjects and grade levels. Copy an assignment or storyboard to your account and customize it to fit what you and your students need.


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Remote Learning Resources

COVID 19 Pandemic
Covid 19 Pandemic Activities
Digital Citizenship
Create a blog graphic
Get to Know Storyboard That
A classroom of students sit at desks with their laptops open. Their teacher has Storyboard That projected on the whiteboard.
Health & Wellness
Health and Wellness Resources
Social Emotional Learning
Social Emotional Learning
Social Stories
Social Stories in the Classroom

Other Helpful Resources

There is so much that you can do with Storyboard That in your remote or virtual classroom. Check out some of our most popular resources from different subjects that might be helpful for getting started, engaging students, and giving inspiration! Additionally, explore our digital citizenship resources with your students to teach them the importance of staying safe online!

How To Select And Curate Digital Resources For Remote Learning


Identify Learning Objectives and Curriculum Alignment

Determine the specific learning objectives and curriculum standards that you aim to address through remote learning. Clearly define the topics, skills, or concepts that require digital resources to support student understanding and engagement.


Research and Evaluate Digital Resources

Conduct thorough research to identify a range of digital resources that align with your learning objectives. Consider factors such as relevance, accuracy, credibility, and appropriateness for your students' grade level and abilities. Evaluate the quality of the resources, including their educational value, interactivity, and user experience.


Assess Accessibility and Technical Requirements

Ensure that the selected digital resources are accessible to all students in your remote learning environment. Check compatibility with different devices and operating systems, as well as any additional software or plugins required. Consider factors such as internet connectivity, device availability, and compatibility with assistive technologies for students with diverse needs.


Determine Student Engagement and Interaction

Consider the level of student engagement and interaction facilitated by the digital resources. Look for features that promote active learning, such as interactive elements, multimedia content, gamification, or collaborative tools. Assess the opportunities for students to apply knowledge, practice skills, and receive feedback within the digital resource.


Review and Curate the Selected Resources

Narrow down your selection of digital resources based on their alignment with learning objectives, accessibility, technical requirements, and student engagement. Create a curated list or directory of resources that is easy to navigate and share with students and parents. Provide clear instructions on how to access and use each resource effectively.


Monitor and Update Digital Resources

Regularly monitor the effectiveness of the selected digital resources in supporting student learning and engagement. Seek feedback from students, parents, and colleagues to identify any challenges or areas for improvement. Continuously update and refresh the curated list to include new resources or remove outdated ones as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions Remote Learning with Storyboard That

How do My Students Join?

There are several ways students can join, depending on the resources available through your school. At this time, ClassLink and Schoology are available for paid accounts only.

Can My Students Use the Free Version?

We do not recommend the free version for school use as it is not FERPA/COPPA compliant. The educational version provides enhanced security and features that make it easy to keep track of their work and progress.

Learn More About Free vs. Paid Version.

What Resources do You Have for Admins?

We have materials available for professional development and district information. If you have any questions, contact us at

What Do I Do if I Get an Error?

Please make sure the devices you and your students are using have an up to date version of the web browser before using Storyboard That.

If you are experiencing an issue, please stay logged into your Storyboard That account and in a separate tab, go to and send a screenshot of the page to

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