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Storyboard That is a completely web-based platform for creation. Whether you are in the classroom or across the globe, you and your students can create storyboards with an internet connection!

Teacher Resources

There are many resources available for teachers in a wide variety of subjects and grade levels. Use them for inspiration, or copy an assignment or storyboard to your account and customize it to fit what you and your students need.

  1. Add Students into Classes

    Roster your students using Google Classroom or sync data via Clever. You can also invite students with a link or manually add each student.

  2. Create an Assignment

    Create your own assignment from scratch, copy one of our assignments, or copy any storyboard you like and THEN create an assignment.

  3. Give Assignment to Classes

    Select which classes should see the assignment. Only students in those classes will have access.

  4. Students Log In and Create

    Assignments are front and center on students' dashboards. They click "Start Assignment" and away they go!

  5. View Student Work

    Monitor student progress and completed work on the Student Work tab of the assignment.

Upcoming Webinars

We have daily webinars scheduled at 2pm EDT.

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School Closures Due to COVID-19

In an effort to do our part during the COVID-19 outbreak and to support schools, we can offer new customers a complimentary pilot until June 30, 2020.

Pilot offer is valid for new customers only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the free access?

New customers only

How long do I have access for?

We are offering access to schools until June 30th. Request access through the form above.

How fast are you setting up schools?

Storyboard That staff is working to get access to schools as quickly as possible. If you want a later start date, your account will be set up for that date.

Is there a link for me to send to my staff?

After you fill out the form, you will receive an email from us prompting to set up your school. You have the option to send them a special join link. Alternatively, you can send a list of teachers to us at and we will get them set up for you.

Can we roster via Clever?

Yes, thanks to our partnership with Clever, we can roster your entire school or district for free.

How do my students join?

There are several ways students can join, depending on the resources available through your school.

  1. Teacher/school admin rosters with Google Classroom (recommended)
  2. Teacher/school admin syncs via Clever (recommended)
  3. Teacher invites students with a special link (recommended)
  4. Teacher manually creates accounts with user names and passwords and distributes to students
  5. Students go to and join your account using your user name and access key.

How do I create an assignment?

After you have a teacher account, go to and add a title and instructions. You also have the option of including a template, an example, and a rubric.

What resources do you have?

Storyboard That has various Teacher Resources available.

Our Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Nearly all of our Teachers Pay Teachers resources are now available for only $1.00. Don't forget, you can also sell the resources you make on Storyboard That on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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