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Benjamin Franklin was a printer, writer, statesman, diplomat, inventor, and Founding Father of the United States of America. Franklin’s legacy can still be seen today throughout America in the numerous public works programs he founded.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1706 and in his early life, he ran a successful printing press business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Franklin’s image in the public sector grew quickly as the publisher of the Pennsylvania Gazette. Franklin was one of America’s first patriots as he spoke out publicly against the British taxation of the American colonies. During the American Revolution, Franklin was a key delegate to the Continental Congress and was one of the five members to draft the Declaration of Independence.

Franklin’s international fame grew during the American Revolution as a diplomat in France. Franklin helped to influence the outcome of the war by gaining a significant French alliance. At the conclusion of the war, Franklin remained in France to secure a peaceful resolution with the Treaty of Paris.

Franklin improved life for Americans in numerous ways. Franklin was instrumental in the founding of America’s first public library, public fire department, post office, and numerous other philanthropic endeavors. Benjamin Franklin also contributed to numerous scientific inventions and innovations that are still used today. Some of Franklin’s innovations include the bifocals, the Franklin stove, the lightning rod, swimming fins, and numerous discoveries in the world of electricity.

Throughout his life, Benjamin Franklin continually sought to improve the world around him. Franklin’s scientific curiosity, as well as numerous political and social changes, resulted in a life that is seen by many as almost superhuman. Benjamin Franklin remains one of the most influential figures in American History.

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Significant Events in the Life of Ben Franklin

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